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Speak Cantonese in 7 Days (廣東話7日通)




胡先生將人類說話時發出的聲音,以六個聲調歸納,排列成基本的六度語音音程,掌全球語言聲調之共通點,提出「六度語音理論」 (Theory of the Hexatave / The 6-Tone Concept) 。

為了簡化外國人說外語,他編寫了 "SPEAK CANTONESE in 7 Days" (廣東話7日通),通過六通音標系統,掌握廣東話發音的技巧。

Cantonese is considered one of the most difficult languages or dialects to learn. The author Mr. Edward P.H. Woo is proud to present the fruits of his research:

"Speak Cantonese in 7 Days".

The 6-Tone Concept is also known as The Theory of the Hexatave. The Theory claims that the sounds we human beings produce when we speak are confined to a band within which there are 6 tones.

Once we know the 6 tones in this band, the process of teaching and learning how to speak the words of a new language can be simplified.


In "Speak Cantonese in 7 Days", we can apply the Theory to simplify the process of teaching and learning Cantonese.

In this package, there are:

1) A Guidebook: A Guidebook for Perfect Cantonese

2) A Textbook: Cantonese for English Speakers

3) A CD: Audio Recordings

Speak Cantonese in 7 Days - Listen online (Track 1-31)


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